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            www.www.ozarkfluorine.com     Time:2015-05-25 16:03    column:Contact

                Engineering and Technicians:

                Working hours: Full-time
                Working Place: Dalian, Liaoning Province
                 Need: 2~4
                 Salary: discuss in person

                Qualifications & Experience:
                 - Bachelor degree or above, major in chemical process technology or chemical engineering or equivalent; any additional knowledge or background in liberal art would be a plus
                - Minimum 5 years working experiences in petrochemical engineering or designing institute, ideally experience in making engineering proposal, feasibility study and economic appraisal will be preferred 
                -Proactive, self-motivated, open and cooperative working styles
                -Good technical understanding, innovation sense and thinking style
                - Literate communication skills in English both in writing and speaking are must.

                Main Responsibilities:
                - Technical marketing and service in methanol to olefin and related upstream and downstream domains
                 Fax: 0411-86649885
                 Tel: 0411-84990003
                 Address: No. 115 Huizhan road, Shahekou District, Dalian, Liaoning Province
                 Postal code: 116021
                 E-mail: suxiaoqian0411@163.com

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