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            Company Info
            Chairman of Speech
            Development Course
            Corporate Culture
            www.www.ozarkfluorine.com     Time:2012-06-18 12:36    column:Introduction

            Enterprise Spirit:
            Independent, Persistent, Co-operative and Fighting

            Aim at National Prosperity, Social Progress and Public Benefit

            Enterprise Motto:
            Honesty, Rightness, Confidence, Faith

            Company Tenet:
             Inheriting the national spirit of “independence, equality and persistence”, aiming at the national prosperity and social progress, and shouldering the national mission and social  responsibility, the Company is devoted to the scientific and technological development of  the country and nation, and serves the national economic construction. It insists on  promoting the Chinese high technology and applying the science and technology to life, so as to benefit the public and elevate China’s status of science and technology in the world. In the meantime, each employee can experience the happiness that science and technology bring to the public, and strengthen the national confidence and pride.

            Company Objective:
            Lead the development of coal to olefin at home. Construct the Company to be a famous international company mainly engaged in the hi-tech promotion and sale, become a global famous fore-runner in the field of scientific and technological marketing, and be keep the industry pioneer forever.

            Our Responsibility:
            The advanced technology is spring out from the public, and is to serve the public.

            Core Philosophy:
            Technology is changing the world.

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