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            www.www.ozarkfluorine.com     Time:2012-06-18 13:45    column:Introduction

            Syn Energy Technology Co., Ltd was founded on Aug. 25th, 2004(the former Shaanxi Investment Group Company). Our company was co-capitalized between Thailand Changda Group Coal Chemical Co, Ltd and Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group Co., Ltd. Our mission is to co-develop industrialized experimental technique of DMTO with DICP and LPEC. After success of the industrialized technique in Aug, 2008, parties of technique developers decided to transfer the intellectual property righted and world-leading technique to Syn Engergy Technology Co., Ltd. The mutual aim of this act is to quicken the industrialization of DMTO technique. The re-structured company called Syn Energy Technology Co., Ltd is a joint venture, stake controlled by DICP. Taking advantage of the solid technology researching power , Syn Company has become one of the giant patented technique suppliers in Coal-to-Olefin and its related fields in China. Our business goal is to sell patented and copy-righted DMTO technique.

            Our team is composed of professional and seasoned working staff and technique experts and we are renowned as a giant company in the DMTO field.

            Industrialized experimental technique of DMTO is a high-tech project in Coal Chemical field throughout the world. The core technology of this project is to produce olefin from coal instead of using petrol as raw material. Olefin products have a vast market and huge potential profits. Successful development of this technology is the key to our new coal chemical industry and energy tactics and sustainable energy in China in the 21st century. Significance of our own copy-righted and patented technology is well understood.

            Declaration of the success of the 10,000-ton DMTO industrialization experiment means a breakthrough in the technique field in the world. Our company owns the IPR of the innovative technology. The device scale and technology criteria rank the international leading level. Success of this technique laid a solid foundation for million-ton DMTO device, indicating a mature condition of transferring DMTO technique into actual productivity.

            Many companies showed their interest in this technology and negotiated with us in terms of technology co-operation and technology license during the early experimental stage. On Aug. 15 th, 2007, China’s first IPR righted DMTO technology was successfully licensed to Shaanxi Syn Coal Olefin Co., Ltd and the company was granted 200,000-ton annual technology permission. This project is ranked as the key construction project by Shaanxi Provincial Government and it has become a model project for development and application of DMTO technology. The contract of 600,000 annual DMTO technique license signed by DICP, Shaanxi Syn Coal Chemical Co., Ltd., Luoyang Petrol & Chemical Company and Shenhua Group in Beijing on Sep. 17 th, 2007 indicated a significant move toward China’s industrialization of IPR righted DMTO technology.

            In 2008, Syn Company officially started our global promotion of IPR righted DMTO patented technique. This first act will definitely lead to our bright future as a patented technology supplier in the world. We will contribute more to transfer technology innovation to actual productivity and devote ourselves to rejuvenate our country through science and technology.

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