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            Company Info
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            Chairman of speech
            www.www.ozarkfluorine.com     Time:2012-06-18 13:51    column:Introduction

            Syn energy Technology Company, limited (SYN) is a joint venture company stake controlled by Dalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences (DICP). Taking advantage of the solid technology development power of DICP, SYN has become a modernized company of energy chemical development. Our goal is promoting the national proprietary intellectual property rights, spreading national technologies worldwide and applying the science and technology to public life, so as to benefit the public and elevate China’s status of science and technology in the world.
             Syn Company was founded in 2004 and become a main part for the state key project of Methanol to Olefin (MTO) industrialized experimental technique. After success of the industrialized experiment, Syn was re-structured in 2008 to officially start our global promotion of IPR righted DMTO patented technique with professional marketing operation. The DMTO technique has already attracted great attention of many world-class petrochemical companies. DICP will provide solid follow-up technology supports for Syn’s long-term development.
             Our team is composed of professional and seasoned working staff and technique experts. More than 60% technical sales & service clerks have Ph.D. degrees. The management team consists of both energy chemical or petrochemical experts and DMTO technical invention scientists. These will definitely lead to our bright future as a patented technology supplier in the world. We will contribute more to transfer technology innovation to actual productivity and devote ourselves to rejuvenate our country through science and technology.

            LIU Zhongmin

            Copyright 2009-2020. SYN Energy Technology Co., Ltd 遼ICP備14003651號-1
            ADD:NO.909C,Huangpu Road,High-Tech Zone,Dalian,China
            Tel:0411-86649777 Fax:0411-86649885